Are you in the same situation as I? Wanting to enrol into a business school however, your ‘O’ level points are nowhere near the required cut-off point?

FRET NOT! If you’re good in your co-curriculum course, or credits in certain sports you are able to appeal through JPSAE.

JPSAE stands for Joint Polytechnic Special Admission Exercise which gives students who demonstrates strong ability or passion in certain work attachment, involvements in school, outstanding performance in certain sports or academically-wise a chance to use such skillset for admission. Students who are passionate or have talent in certain area such as leadership, sports and arts are also welcome to appeal through it.

JPSAE is available in all Polytechnics in Singapore, and it is also available to all courses. Potential students who have one of the requirements mentioned previously could apply under JPASE. They are required to submit three courses of their choice; it can be within the same school or combined. A summary of the personal achievements is also required.

JPSAE – Process

Potential students will then, be short-listed and are required to go through an interview. This is where, the student’s credibility are taken into account. The interviewer will access the student’s skill or achievements, and evaluate the value of it. However, JPSAE does not give you priority if the ‘O’ level points are way off the actual cut-off point.

So if you are looking into enrolling into business school however, your points are way off the cut-off point you could opt for BZE. The cut-off point is pretty average and it has high success rate for JPASE from previous enrolments. Not only that, this course integrates both business and engineering knowledge which is highly recommended in the current working sector.

So what are you waiting for? Join us over at this business diploma!