Joint Polytechnic Admission Exercise also known as JPAE was introduced in 1992, it specifically caters to student who have completed their Higher Nitec/ Industrial Technician Certificate (ITC)/ Certificate in Business Studies (CBS) or students that hold relevant Nitec/ National Technical Certificates (NTC) grade 2 and for the graduating students who are in their final semester that includes Higher Nitec, Nitec students and Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP) students.

A little detail on Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP), it is a programme that prepares students for the progression into certain polytechnic diplomas. For those students who have successfully completed their course and score the minimum qualifying points, they will then have a secured position in the diploma.

JPAE – Process

Continuing with JPAE, for those students who are interested in applying through it, they have to first choose the course of their choice. From there, they will then check if they have reached the course entry requirement points. If they manage to hit the requirement, they are required to submit an application and 5 courses of their choice, from there the school will then rank the potential students according to their GPA. The school will also take into account of the co-curriculum achievements that they have been rewarded. Lastly, the chosen ones will be notified through the online JPAE portal.

As you will be sticking to the course for 3 years, the choice you make got to be something you are interested in. this is where BZE comes in, BZE is a course that incorporates both the business and engineering knowledge that is highly requested in the current world of work. Therefore, if you are wondering if you should enter the school of engineering or business, you could opt for BZE that will bring the best of both worlds to you. So read on about BZE and make the right choice for your JPAE!