Entrepreneurship Project: Interdisciplinary Approach
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Entrepreneurship Project: Interdisciplinary Approach GEN1901 1hrs/wk Nil 2hrs/wk GEN1901 teaches students how to write a powerful and effective business plan. No business journey of any consequence begins without a plan. The same applies to starting and operating your business. A business plan is a document that describes all aspects of your business: basic product/service, prospective customers, competition,marketing strategies, management team, financing methods and other things necessary to implementation.You must be able to clearly show how your business will be able to make money with your business product or service
idea. Every bank, investor, and venture capitalist will want to know that they are funding a potentially successful business and that it will provide a return on their investment. The most common and best accepted method is by showing just how this is to be achieved in a business plan.
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