Contemporary Issues: Global Perspectives
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Issues: Global
TCS1011 1hr/wk 2hrs/wk This subject will help students
to learn how contemporary
issues that face the world today
will have implications both at
global and national levels.
Current issues will be placed in
context of its roots and engage
learners to see these issues as
relevant to the development of
individual voice, confidence &
courage, and change readiness
to face new challenges head
The subject aims to provide
learners with the knowledge
and skills to:
-Define issues that
confront the world and
local reality
-Defend why some
issues have local
currency while others
have a global audience
-Predict likely outcome
given different
scenarios of concerns
that may impact a
-Organise an event that
will help build
awareness of national
issuesavenues to develop
perspectives. Articles,
speeches, movies, talks,
discussions, field trips and
theatre engagements will be
some of the possible activities
that will be used to engage
students to see the multiplicity
of issues and how they are
accepted or rejected by
individuals and societies. The
broad perspective taken in
building a healthy engagement
among students will help them
to be responsible and
responsive residents of a
global, flat world.
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*Students who have passed “Global Events: Perspectives and
Impact” (GLA1003) should not apply for World Issues.


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