BIZEN – Who are we?

BIZEN is a club formed by a group of BZE students for BZE students. Their main purpose and mission for the club is to organise all sorts of events aiming towards fun and bonding among all BZE students. This will give them a chance to interact and communicate with one another, forging new friendships among them. This will also give them a new experience on campus that no other module could ever give you. Well like a bustling “city”, everyone will be busy however,  “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”!

BIZEN club gets to organise main events such as BZE Freshmen Orientation (FO) Camp, YMCA volunteering work and Student Exchange Programme to Japan for students from BZE to participate. They also organise BZE Subcommittee Camp to gain recognition from other courses’ clubs and to allow interaction between other students from other courses to mingle and bond, including BZE students as well! They also actively participate in other clubs’ events such as Campus Care Network (CCN) Day, Annual General Day (AGMs), SME Night Cycling and more. These events are usually open to every student thus everyone will get the chance to join in the fun!

BIZEN club gets to train their club members on other skills such as leadership, perseverance and more. And why is that so? Well, leading and organising is not as easy as it seems. A lot of hard work and effort is put into every event in order for it to run smoothly and make it work for other students to enjoy and let loose. They are also given an opportunity to change BZE’s reputation. But before they could start organising their events, a strong bond between them is a must to build a strong team. If the team is not strong, it is not possible for them to work with one another. Hence, minor activities will be planned among them such as BBQ, chalet and more for them to further strengthen their bond.

So honestly, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”! So what are you waiting for? Join BIZEN and make a change or participate and support their on-going events!